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About Me Hi, my name is Emircan 'Jadquir' Gezer. I am a student at Ankara University. I am a 20 years old person who is interested in programming and photoshop manipulations. I sometimes work freelance on Bionluk and Fiverr.
And I make free desktop applications and photoshop manipulation in my free time.
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My Works
Adobe Splash SCreen Creator Online by Jadquir Website Screenshot
Adobe Splash Screen Creator Online
Adobe Splash Screen Creator Online is a Splash Screen Creator for most used Adobe Apps like Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro etc. that can be downloaded or be used by United Adobe Editor
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United Adobe Editor
United Adobe Editor is an open-source Splash Screen Changer for most used Adobe Applications. (You can also change the UI Color of Photoshop)
MRA - Music Identifier - Music Discovery
MRA (short for Music Recognition Application) is a music recognition application, or music identifier, like Shazam but for PC. MRA listens to your microphone or the desktop sound and identifies the music and then gives you information about the music you found like title, artist, album, genre, etc. You can listen to the music on different platforms, see lyrics, see similar kinds of music, and much more.
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